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Jack n Martha, Together Again!!

Is the headline a spoiler? No, because you have to have been living under a rock not to know Freema Agyeman was joining the cast of Torchwood for a few eps. So too bad.

We just finished tonight's Torchwood double-feature-cum-binge. Hubby's mini-review: "I want next week NOW!!!" Me too.

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And then, after that angstfest, came probably the most anticipated episode of s2, the return of one Doctor Martha Jones to TV--"Reset":

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I think I've used up my year's supply of exclamation marks. Season 2 is bringin' it big time. Well done, cast and crew. This totally puts me in the mood for my writer's workshop tomorrow for some reason.

Fic: The Necessary Blonde

Title: The Necessary Blonde
Author: MeiLin
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Capt John Hart/Shae Han (oh yeah you know it baby)
Summary: Capt John tries to play a player. Very close to PWP. OK, it is PWP. You got a problem with that?
Spoilers: Possibly for "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."
A/N: Shae Han, aka Miss Dexter, is the major OC in my novella Valiant. This might make more sense if you're familiar with the character, or you just might want to look at it as Capt John having hot monkey sex with a gorgeous blonde.

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I have watched the second of the three videos here three, four, or possibly ten times. It's never gonna get old. ('ware spoilers.) Is it TW s2 yet? Because I cannot wait to see the rest of that. Jesus, *James* had to go home and work that off with his girlfriend? I will have to work off just that little bit with the husband! holy crap, I can't imagine an afternoon of it!


Ficlet: Ordinary World

Title: Ordinary World
Author: MeiLin
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto (implied)
Summary: Ianto deals with Jack's death in "End of Days"
A/N: My entry into this week's Writer in a Drawer. The prompt was Duran Duran songs, with the proviso that we had to use a lyric somehow. The song made me think so much of this moment that I won't be able to listen to it again without thinking of Ianto.

Gray. My eyes are gray, the Hub is gray, your coat is gray. You are gray.

Gwen keeps saying you're not dead, that you'll come back, and so I stay away from Gwen, and your body. I want it to be true, but it can't be. Lisa was supposed to come back, and then came reality. When I lost Lisa, I decided that I won't cry for yesterday any more.

And so I circle the Hub.

I try some semblance of my ordinary routine. Make the coffee, dump the trash, save the world--no, that was you. I must keep moving, I can't be still. If I'm still, I see you in the corner of my eye. I can't escape the ghost of you. Go away, Jack. Come back, Jack.

Toshiko is following me around the Hub with her eyes, her swollen eyes watching me everywhere I go. I suppose she's worried. Maybe it keeps her mind off her own grief to think about mine, I don't know, I can't bear it.

Owen huddles into himself. I should have  killed him, I'm sorry I didn't just fucking kill him, Jack. I don't have to now. He may just do it for me.

I go into your office because there's no place left to go.

In the desk drawer there's a stopwatch.  Your coat is gray, and it smells of you. What is happening to me? What happened to you, and how could I have let it? Go away, Jack. Come back, Jack.

No, you're not coming back. Lisa's gone, you're gone. I kept vigil over her for months and no amount of vigil over you will bring you back, either, Jack. Goddammit, Gwen! go home go home I survived it once I'm not sure I can survive it again goddammit Gwen go home--

Fic: Midori

Title: Midori
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Toshiko Sato/OC
Spoilers: None
Summary: Mary wasn't Toshiko's first time kissing a girl. Written for one of the "Writer in a Drawer" challenges: First time, with subtheme of "green."
A/N: This is nearly a public beta, in that this is being expanded from this ficlet to include the entire Torchwood team's first kisses, so feedback as always welcome. "Midori" means "green" in Japanese.

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