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Chapter 16 Episode 3 | The Machine God | The Drifting Isle Chronicles

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Adewole's throat constricted. "Let me show you something first." They had circled the entire island and returned to the forest near the Ossuary. Ofira flew up to meet them, two members of the parliament of owls escorting her. Just what he'd wished for.

"Learnèd 'un, do that be the summat grand the bad 'un took from you?" said the owl.

"Ofira, my dear, this is my friend Alleine. She is the one who gave the feathered 'uns thought and speech."

Ofira and her owls flew in slow circles around the Machine God. "We are born so, no one makes us so."

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Tags: alleine, ofira/volekiller, oladel adewole, the drifting isle, the machine god

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