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Chapter 16 Episode 2 | The Machine God | The Drifting Isle Chronicles

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A second wind gained Adewole a weak but determined energy. He stumbled to his feet, but the quaking knocked him back down. "Alleine, stop," he cried, "you will bring the Ossuary down on our heads!"

"Down, down, down," she chanted, a blow punctuating each word. The stones parted; the dent became a crater; she jumped into it and hammered at its bottom. "Down!"

"Alleine, listen to me, you must stop, you will kill us," cried Adewole, but the din overwhelmed his voice. Each punch sent dust, pebbles and ever larger rocks raining from the ceiling.

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Tags: alleine, karl deviatka, oladel adewole, the drifting isle, the machine god

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