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The Drifting Isle Chronicles: Steampunk Fantasy in a Shared Universe

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The Drifting Isle Chronicles

This unique fantasy series was created by an international team of writers who collaborated to create a new shared world full of original and diverse people, places, creatures, and ideas. Perhaps for the first time in history, a team of writers has written and published an entire series of novels all at once!

Each author wrote their own book in this new world, telling very different stories about very different people living in one fantastical city during the greatest discovery of the modern age. The writers worked closely to weave their characters and plots carefully together, in order to bring you this unique tapestry of steampunk action and fantasy adventure.

The first three books, which you can read in any order, are:

Black Mercury. . . Charlotte E. English
The Kaiser Affair. . . Joseph Robert Lewis
The Machine God . . . MeiLin Miranda

Are you a fantasy writer? Would you like to join this exciting, ongoing collaboration project? To learn how you can write and publish your own official Drifting Isle novel, visit the series website.

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