October 31st, 2011


The Fisherman's Teeth: A Kellish Ghost Story

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Harla's Night, 975 KY

"Tell us the story about the fisherman's teef again, Nursie!" cried Ellika.

It had been a wonderful Harla's Night. The turnip lanterns had shone like skulls in the dark, the costumes had been comical, scary and grandiose in turns, and the treats had overflowed the table. All three royal children had stuffed their pockets and eaten far too much, and now they were sleepy, each tucked in their beds with the curtains still pulled back. But it wasn't quite Harla's Night without a scary story, especially one told in the safe confines of the nursery with Mama sitting by the fire.

"I won't be scared, I'm five now, please, Nurse, please?" begged Ellika.

"Again? I should think you'd have it memorized by now, lovey," said Nurse.

"Oh please, I want to hear it too," said Sedra. "Temmy's asleep, it won't give him bad dreams." In fact, three-year-old Temmin was fast asleep and already sprawling, one small foot sticking out of the side of the bed in the restless way of the very young.

"It's late, girls. You should be thinking of sleep," Mama chided over her knitting.

"You used to beg for scary stories yourself, Little Miss Annie," chuckled Nurse to her former charge. "Eh well, I tell it every year, don't I. What's once more?" She tucked Temmin's limbs back under the covers and drew his curtains before settling herself in a tufted chair between the girls' beds. "So. Once upon a time…"

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