October 4th, 2011


The blurb doctor is in (updated)

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One of the worst parts of book-writing is coming up with the stupid blurb--that bit of copy that makes people want to buy your book. Everyone hates it. *I* hate it, and I don't think my blurbs are that great.

BUT I LOVE WRITING BLURBS FOR OTHER PEOPLE. Weird, huh? I discovered this over time at Kindleboards, and I've discovered I'm pretty good at it.

So now I'm offering my services. You give me your blurb, I'll make it better. $25. Drop me an email: meilin a t meilinmiranda. c o m.

Update: There is now an official-like Blurb Doctor website with advice and everthang. I'll be putting up the books I rewrite blurbs for there as well.

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