May 24th, 2011


In which I decide to stop pulling out my hair

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Some news:

1. I'm taking a short break from working on book two. I'm at the point where I've lost focus and I'm banging my head against the wall. By "short" I mean a week or two, just long enough for things to settle down and for me to find my way out of the labyrinth and back on the road. I'm a long ways into things. I'm not talking about ditching the whole damn thing, I'm talking about focus.

Part of what I need to UNfocus on is my own expectations for book two. Good reviews are starting to pile up--RAVE reviews--and yesterday I woke up to something astonishing: Someone had gotten the book for free, stayed up all night reading it and went and sent me the $5 the book normally costs even though she legally got the book for free.

This puts pressure on a girl.

2. I'm going to work on some other stuff in the interim as a way to clear my head.

3. One of those things I am pretty sure will be the story of Finnia, which was a bonus story Back In The Day. This will be released as an ebook short as well as put in the Patron area.

4. Speaking of which, I'll be putting up "The Gratification Engine" in the Patron area pretty quick here--today or tomorrow. Should have put it up there to begin with, I apologize, patrons. If any of you want your $$ back, let me know and I'll refund. Happy to do it.

5. One of the other things I'm strongly considering picking up again is the Gulch. Right now it's stopped at the April Fools piece and it's giving people the impression that's the end of the serial. aaaaaaghitsaysaprilfoolsrightonitwtf...

So that's where I am and that's what's going on. Love you all madly.

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