March 3rd, 2011


B&N Strips Romance/Vaguely Erotic Indie Titles of Samples

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Barnes and Noble is stripping samples from romance/erotica titles--but only if they're by indie authors. If you publish via their service PubIt!, they're stripping off your sample. Traditional publishers are unaffected. There was no announcement or anything. They just did it.

I verified this: They took down the samples of both "Lovers and Beloveds" and "The Gratification Engine," neither of which were at all off-color. This explains why I sell so few books at B&N. Books without samples don't sell, especially books by indies.

So fine, B&N, I'll put up my own damn samples. I used the book's description to include (again, no off-color) samples of both. Neener.

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