February 17th, 2011


News for 2-17-11: Price drop and interview

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Have you been waiting to buy a copy of "Lovers and Beloveds?" It's now $2.99 across the board no matter where you buy it:

Direct (best for me, immediate download, 4 most popular formats: Kindle/mobi, Nook/epub, pdf, Sony/lrf)

Kindle store (downloaded directly to your device in Kindle/mobi format)

Barnes & Noble (Nook/epub)

Smashwords (All of the above formats plus html, Palm/pdb, rtf)

$2.99 is less than a mocha. Think about it.

And! I'm the Kindle Author of the Day. Read the interview, where I say such scintillating things as:

As an independent, it's hard to find people to review my books; the prejudices against self-published writers are still very strong in the review community, no matter how good the book is. I have a psychic friend who told me the book was going to do very, very well, and that I had to stop looking at PR as a mountain to climb, but rather a mountain to go around. Consequently, I've turned to my readers for help, and they've given it to me.

Hard at work on this bonus smut story, featuring Allis, Anda, a young Postulant Scholar, and a prototype Oscillating Apparatus based on a real life one from the turn of the 20th century. It should go up within the next few days at all the usual suspect outlets, priced 99 cents--free in the Patron section here for subscribers.

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