February 8th, 2011


A Balancing of Accounts

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In a deep, silent section of the King's Woods, a slight figure in black robes peered with increasing irritation into the knothole of a great, gnarled tree. Just as a grumbled "Where is the boy?" sounded in the clearing, the figure stepped back and a swirling mass passed through the knothole, out the knothole, and coalesced into a handsome young man with rusty hair and pale blue eyes. "Well?" said the first one.

"I found them, Teacher," panted the second one. "Give me a moment." He propped himself against the tree. "If you hadn't blocked that knothole, the mirror inside might have gotten more light. Better reflection, you know. Can't travel without one."

"Does travel always take your breath away?" said Teacher, arching a brow.

"What? Oh, no," grinned Connin. "I was leading the bouncers on quite the merry chase. Apparently they took exception to someone just appearing in their midst and fondling the merchandise without payment. There," he said, standing up and straightening his waistcoat. "Better. After all, you can't send me into a whorehouse and expect me to leave the whores unmolested."

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