January 26th, 2011


Upcoming ebook of IHGK shorts: "Accounts"

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I'm publishing an ebook of the "Accounts" series of short story prequels--the ones of Maleen Polls, Teacher and the twins. Initially it will be up at Smashwords. I'm giving it away. I'll be releasing a number of the old stories as ebooks; they'll be edited to fit canon. If they have sex in them, they'll be 99 cents; if they don't, they'll be free. Eye-wink


New free ebook at Smashwords: "Accounts"

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I took the three stories in the series about Maleen Polls, Liddy Obby and the twins, edited them to better reflect canon, and put them up as a free ebook at Smashwords: Accounts. It contains "An Opening of Accounts," "A Balancing of Accounts," and "A Settling of Accounts," and is available in just about every format known to mankind. Smiling

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