January 24th, 2011


"Lovers and Beloveds" chapter 6.8 is live

A near-miss and a dead bore:
A Mentor. Temmin considered his older cousins and their Mentors. Sometimes their Mentors treated them with fatherly regard, sometimes with brotherly affection, and sometimes with open lust in the case of the handsome ones; most of his cousins tolerated it, and one or two of them reveled in being a more powerful older man's temporary confidant and bedmate. "Mentoring is rather like those two, isn't it? I mean, Mentors are older, and so was Hildin. Though not much older, was he. Ten years or so? And the Mentor has a great deal more experience and power than his Student, but then, that's rather the point, isn't it? To learn what the Mentor knows, to become friends with those in the Mentor's circle who can benefit him? It's that power thing you're always going on about." Temmin looked up at Teacher, too interested for bashfulness. "But what does the Mentor get out of it? Is it just the sex?"

"For some, it is the sex. For others, the service--teaching what one knows. For many, I suspect it is the chance to relive one's youth through another. Some Mentors and Students do not ever touch one another. Perhaps most."

"You'd never say that if you saw my cousins with their Mentors!"

"One wishes to keep up appearances," said Teacher. "The relationship between Mentor and Student is considered the most perfect, the most pure, a union of equals, at least in terms of class and education. Who would wish to proclaim himself a failure at that?"

"One of my cousins is still with his Mentor, and it's been years since they should have ended," mused Temmin. "I wonder who Papa is considering for me. I mean, I'm the Heir--no family is more powerful than ours. So I suppose I'd be matched with someone I can learn from--" He looked up, wide-eyed with a sudden thought: "It's not you, is it?" he said.
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